Must-See Tourist Places & Exciting Things To Do in Lucknow

Imagine a city where history whispers from crumbling palaces, vibrant bazaars overflow with colorful spices, and the aroma of melt-in-your-mouth kebabs fills the air – Yes, it’s Lucknow. This isn’t just a city; it’s a feast for the senses, a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Welcome, adventurer! This guide will be your compass, leading you through Lucknow’s hidden gems, captivating culture, and of course, its legendary cuisine. Get ready to lose yourself in a world of rich tapestry, where every corner promises an unforgettable experience.

But if you forget everything you think you know about bustling Indian cities. Lucknow isn’t just about iconic architecture or mouthwatering food (though it has those too!). This hidden gem boasts a surprising legacy of innovation. Imagine being the first in India to connect with a loved one far away, or witnessing the very first CCTV cameras keeping your streets safe. Lucknow holds these unique stories within its vibrant tapestry, waiting to be explored by curious travelers like you.

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of its achievements, let’s dive into the must-see tourist places & exciting things to do in Lucknow.

Table of Contents:

  1. Exploring Lucknow’s Historical Tapestry
  2. Lucknow’s Hidden Gems
  3. Conclusion

A Journey Through Time: Exploring Lucknow’s Historical Tapestry:

Beyond these pioneering achievements, Lucknow’s rich history unfolds through its magnificent architecture. So lace up your walking shoes and get ready to explore – there’s a whole world of things to do in Lucknow waiting to be discovered!

  1. Bada Imambara:

    Also known as Asafi Imambara, is a sprawling complex in Lucknow, India. Here are some exciting and fun things you can do while touring the monument:

    Get Ready to Snap Photos of This Architectural Dream!:
    It’s got this incredible arched hall that’s the biggest in the entire world, and guess what? They built it without needing a single beam or pillar! Imagine that! And on top of that, the whole place is covered in amazing detailed plasterwork and has these huge, beautiful courtyards. It’s truly a sight you won’t forget.

    Challenge Yourself in the Bhool Bhulaiya:
    Also means “House of Confusion”! This maze-like structure within the Bada Imambara is one of its most popular attractions. It has 489 identical doorways and just two exits, making it easy to get lost. Legend has it that even the builder himself got lost once! It’s recommended to take a guide along with you while navigating through this maze.

    Explore the Asafi Mosque:
    Located on the western side of the Bada Imambara, the Asafi Mosque is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture. The mosque is built of red sandstone and white marble, and its interiors are decorated with intricate floral and geometric patterns.

    Descend into the Shahi Baoli:
    This five-story stepwell is located on the eastern side of the Bada Imambara. It was once used as a source of water for the complex, and it is said to have been a cool retreat during the hot summer months. There are stories that the stepwell was also used as a covert surveillance system by the Nawab.

  2. Rumi Darwaza:

    It might be a gateway, but it offers more than just a grand entrance! Here are some activities you can do while visiting this architectural marvel, along with some hidden facts to add to your appreciation:

    Admire the Blend of Architectural Styles
    Rumi Darwaza’s design is a fascinating fusion of Hindu and Muslim architecture. While the overall structure resembles a classic Mughal archway, look closely and you’ll see intricate floral designs and eight-sided turrets that are more reminiscent of Hindu temples. This unique blend reflects Lucknow’s multicultural heritage.

    Look for the Missing Lantern
    Take a good look at the top of the structure and you’ll notice a seemingly empty platform. This was once the spot for a magnificent lantern, which would have illuminated the gateway at night.

    Capture the Changing Beauty Throughout the Day
    The Rumi Darwaza transforms throughout the day. In the bright morning light, the intricate details of the Lakhda brickwork and stucco ornamentation are on full display. As the sun sets, the gateway is bathed in a warm glow, creating a magical atmosphere.

    Bonus Fact: The name “Rumi Darwaza” has no connection to the famous Persian poet Rumi. It was instead inspired by the Bab-i-Humayun, a similar gateway in Constantinople (present-day Istanbul).

  3. Aminabad Market:

    Lucknow’s oldest marketplace, is a treasure trove for shopping and experiencing the local Lucknowi culture. Here are some activities you can do while visiting:

    Shop for Lucknowi Chikankari:
    Aminabad is famous for its intricate Chikankari embroidery,  a traditional Lucknowi art form.  You’ll find a wide variety of clothes with this beautiful hand-stitched white work on everything from kurtas, sarees, and sherwanis  to pillowcases and tablecloths.  Be sure to bargain and enjoy the shopping experience!

    Explore the Thursday Market:
    Every Thursday, Aminabad comes alive with a special Thursday Market (also known as Nukkad Bazaar).  Local vendors set up shop along the narrow bylanes, offering everything from fresh produce and spices to clothing and household goods.  It’s a great way to experience the bustling atmosphere of the market and find unique souvenirs.

    Indulge in Lucknowi street food:
    No visit to Aminabad is complete without sampling the delicious street food. Aminabad offers a wide variety of local delicacies, from kebabs, chaat, and biryani to succulent tunday kebabs and melt-in-your-mouth sheermal (sweet flaky bread). Be sure to try the local favorites like kulfi and paan.

    Hidden Facts:
    Nawabi legacy: Aminabad dates back to the era of the Nawabs of Awadh.  The narrow lanes and bustling atmosphere offer a glimpse into Lucknow’s royal past.

    Lucknow’s Chandni Chowk:  Aminabad is often compared to Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, another famous historic market.  Both markets offer a similar experience of narrow lanes, vibrant shops, and a wide variety of goods.

    Thursday Market tradition: The tradition of the Thursday Market is said to date back to the time of the Nawabs.  It was a day set aside for people from the villages to come to the city and sell their wares.

    • Aminabad can get crowded, especially on weekends and during festivals. If you prefer a more relaxed shopping experience, try to visit on a weekday.
    • Aminabad is a cash-based market. While some shops may accept digital payments, it’s always a good idea to carry cash with you.
    • Be prepared to bargain! Bargaining is a part of the shopping experience in Aminabad.
    • Aminabad is a maze of narrow lanes. It’s easy to get lost, so be sure to keep an eye on your belongings and have a landmark to orient yourself.
  4. Chowk:-

    Imagine yourself in a maze overflowing with treasures!  That’s Chowk in Lucknow.  Over 5,000 shops spill into narrow lanes, packed with everything from handcrafted Chikan clothes to melt-in-your-mouth kebabs –  they say the first ever Indian STD call happened right here!

    Forget fancy malls! Chowk in Lucknow is where the real adventure is. Here’s what makes it a must-do:

    Treasure Hunt Shopping:  With over 5,000 shops, Chowk is a maze filled with unique finds.  Imagine colorful Chikan clothes, sparkling Zardozi embroidery, and handicrafts you won’t see anywhere else. It’s like a giant treasure hunt – you never know what amazing thing you might discover!

    Spice Up Your Tastebuds:  Chowk is a foodie paradise.  Wander down hidden alleys and stumble upon mouthwatering kebabs sizzling on grills.  Bite into creamy makhan malai, a local sweet that’ll melt in your mouth. Chowk is your chance to taste Lucknow’s legendary Awadhi cuisine, a true explosion of flavor!

    Get Lost (a little):  Don’t worry, getting lost in Chowk is half the fun!  The narrow lanes might seem like a maze, but that’s part of the charm. Every turn reveals a new shop, a friendly face, or a hidden gem.  Just relax, soak in the atmosphere, and let yourself get swept away by the magic of Chowk.

    Go with the Flow: Embrace the organized chaos!  Getting lost is part of the fun.  Just wander, soak in the sights and smells, and let the magic of Chowk unfold.

    Bargain Like a Local: Don’t be afraid to haggle!  It’s all part of the experience in Chowk.  But be friendly and respectful – a smile goes a long way.

    Carry Cash: While some shops might accept cards, cash is still king in Chowk.  This way you can avoid any surprises and grab those amazing deals.

    Dress Comfortably: Chowk gets crowded and hot!  Light, breathable clothes and comfortable shoes will help you navigate the maze-like lanes with ease.

Unveiling Lucknow’s Hidden Gems:

Pioneering Innovations: While Lucknow’s historical sites and architectural wonders are undeniable draws, the city also boasts some pioneering achievements. Did you know Lucknow was:

  1. India’s First City with an STD Call (1952): In a time when communication relied on landlines, Lucknow led the way with the first successful long-distance telephone call in India. This pioneering step paved the way for more efficient communication across the nation.
  2. India’s First CCTV City (2000): Recognizing the need for security, Lucknow became the first Indian city to implement a city-wide CCTV surveillance system. This innovative approach to public safety continues to be a model for other cities.
  3. Home to the Country’s First Public Library (1893): La Martiniere College, a renowned educational institution in Lucknow, established the first public library in India. This library, with its vast collection of books and manuscripts, has played a crucial role in promoting literacy and intellectual growth.
  4. Houses Asia’s First Dental College (1928): Recognizing the importance of dental health, Lucknow established the first dental college in Asia. This institution, now known as King George’s Medical University (KGMCU) College of Dental Sciences, continues to be a leader in dental education and research.

Wow, Lucknow has such a rich history and impressive contributions! Isn’t it? But the wonders of Lucknow don’t stop there! The city bursts with things to do in Lucknow.  Explore a treasure trove of other fascinating places that will add even more fun and excitement to your itinerary. These hidden gems, along with the well-known tourist places in Lucknow, promise an unforgettable adventure.


Lucknow’s charm unfolds with every corner you explore. From historical marvels to delectable cuisine, this captivating city has something for everyone. So, after ticking off all the must-see sights and indulging in delightful experiences, it’s time to find your perfect haven.

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